Catering Deparment

Career opportunities in the catering industry are enormous and varied.  Your training here will give you a wealth of experience in food preparation, planning and preparing menus and food presentation.  After six months once you have successfully completed Levels 1 and 2 you will be in a better position to be offered an apprenticeship with the help of our Careers Coach. 


The Foundation is a large and active community and on every working day, packed lunches and meals must be prepared on site for all the trainees and staff.   The challenge is to provide a balanced and nutritional diet, working within a specified budget, whilst providing an interesting choice and variety to suit different people's preferences as well as catering for special dietary requirements.


The main house has well-equipped kitchen facilities which are designed to commercial catering specifications.  The trainees learn fast under the guidance and instruction of qualified chefs who run the kitchen under the same strict disciplines and hygiene regulations prescribed for any professionally managed restaurant or hotel kitchen.


Trainees will be taught the rigorous standards, relating to large scale food storage, handling and preparation as well as the art and skill of planning and preparing imaginative menus for larger numbers of people.  In addition to the daily routine of breakfast, packed lunches and  evening meals, cakes are sometimes made for sale through the Camelia Botnar Coffee Shop.  


During the year a few special events will take place such as Summer barbecues which can involve catering for up to 100 people. 


Trainees rapidly gain confidence through opportunities to lead the kitchen team, planning a themed menu and directing its creation through to delivery.

Career opportunities in the catering industry are considerable and varied and the path of a trainee's career will be determined by his or her own specific interests and aptitudes within the profession.  No prior experience or qualifications are required - an interest in cooking coupled with enthusiasm will ensure success in this department.


Participation in vocational qualifications is encouraged in this department to complement practical skills and our tutor is available to provide any necessary support with written work and with general communication, mathematical and IT skills.