Metalwork Department

Depending on what time of the year you join this department, you may get the opportunity to create a gate or a table and enter it in the young craftsman of the year competition at the south of England show.

A short while ago on of our trainees in the metalwork department won 1st prize and also overall 1st prize in the young craftsmen of the year competition taking home prize money of over £1,000.


This would be an amazing achievement to put on a CV and would be the highlight of your time at the foundation.

How impressive would this be to any future employers?


No prior experience or knowledge of working with metal is necessary for those who decide to join the metalwork department.  Trainees who show an aptitude for the work will soon become competent to make products of increasing difficulty and intricacy which will subsequently be sold through Camelia Botnar Garden Centre. 


The knowledge that each piece they make will be sold, helps to engender a sense of pride in their work with an understanding of commerciality and competition in the marketplace.



The metalwork department is fully equipped with forges, large power hammer, hydraulic guillotine, ring roller and large power drills, as well as the traditional hand tools, anvil and other forge equipment.  After a period of training and working in the Forge, trainees should be in a position to embark on a career in any of the three disciplines of welding, fabrication or blacksmithing.


Trainees are given comprehensive hands-on training in the art of welding,  fabrication and blacksmithing.  Those who achieve a high level of competence in mig, arc and have the opportunity to learn tig welding.



Participation in vocational qualifications is encouraged in this department to complement the trainee’s practical skills and our tutor is available to provide any necessary support with any written work and general communication, mathematical and IT skills.