See our video below to give you a taste of our  6 month course and see if it is the right department for you.

We are very pleased to start up this new and exciting department in basic Motor Vehicle Servicing.


This is a six month course in our newly set up workshop with all the latest equipment, training on our vehicles and vans.

During your six months training you will also have the opportunity to take the following tests and acquire:

  • Driving Theory

  • Basic First Aid

  • Manual handling


You will learn all the basic knowledge and skills required to do vehicle servicing and repairs such as


  • Checking the operation of a vehicles clutch and gear selection

  • Reading stored ECU fault codes with a diagnostic tool

  • Checking for condition and operation of all doors, hinges, locks and fuel filler cap

  • The safe mounting and lifting of a car on the two post ramp

  • Use the correct tools and technique to test suspension components for excess wear

  • Checking suspension springs and shock absorbers for defects

  • The safe removal and refitting of car tyres on steel and alloy rims

  • Re-balancing wheels after a tyre change

  • Testing a vehicle's battery and charging system

  • Inspecting and changing front brake discs

  • Inspecting an exhaust system for leaks and other issues

  • Changing the engine oil and filter

  • Changing a set of spark plugs


The course will provide you with a good solid platform of  knowledge and skills in Motor Vehicle Mechanics and  therefore when you leave  you will have  a head start if you then want to pursue a career or apprenticeship with a local garage or college.